4g or 5g LTE cellular modem options?

  • I have a customer that wants the ability to have cellular failover for (for a few PCs on their LAN) 6 days per year. Two 3 day chunks.

    I am looking for a good 4g or 5g cellular modem that I can connect to WAN2 on our router. We have outstanding 4g in the area.

    Have any of you ever used such a beast or are you familiar with them?

    Looking for thoughts based on experience.


  • Six days per year sounds like it’s going to cost more money than it’s worth in administration time. But yeah it’s definitely doable solution. I like the cradle point devices for cellular to lan connectivity.

  • I have had a cradlepoint router at a remote location running on AT&T for over a year. Only had some issues initially setting up the ipsec tunnel, which turned out to be a firmware issue. Worked with support extensively and found them to be pretty good. Since then, the connection has been solid, newer firmware was released that didn't have the ipsec issue. I would like to add one to our corporate office to have out of band access.


  • I personally use a Netgear LB1120 and have no complaints. It will act as a router or you can put it in bridge mode and use your own. I've used it in both configurations and it seems to work well. I've used it with AT&T, Verizon, and Ting (T-Mobile MVNO). It's integrated antennas have been fine for me, but it has the ability to connect external antennas if needed.

  • The Netgear have been good units and a lot cheaper than Cradlepoint.

  • Thank you all for the input. I'm trying to decide between the PEPWAVE and the Netgear. The Netgear has some bad reviews, but your remarks will keep it in the list to explore. I'll let you know how it works out for us when I get one in and test it.

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