Cloud CyberSecurity monitoring and alerting

  • I’ve been researching methods to be alerted of security threats in Office 365. I’m currently using a single EMS 5 license that I assign to one global admin account that give me access to the Office 365 cloud security portal. The O365 cloud security portal does give me access to multiple alerts and you can setup events be alerted via email and even SMS. I’m curious what others are using for Office 365 cybersecurity protection and notification. I was looking at a SAAS cybersecurity company called Coronet ( It looks like Coronet created a nice simple interface to Office 365/G-Suite to monitor security threats. Anyone familiar or know anyone that used Coronet?

  • What alerts are you looking to get that isn't natively available?

  • After comparing the Coronet vs the MS E5 cloud app security license, I'm not seeing any alerts in Coronet that are already available in the cloud app security portal. The Coronet interface is just a improved and easier to work with interface. I'll be sticking with my E5 license for now since I'm getting the alerts I need with only paying for one E5 license vs paying per user with Coronet.

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