Restaurant Pro POS software contacts migration project

  • Hey guys.
    I have a customer who uses Restaurant Pro (against my recommendations)
    and they forced my hand to sell them the new version .
    and now they need help migrating contacts from old version to new.
    One of the reasons I hate that software is that the manufacturer has ZERO support systems.

    anybody know anybody who is interested in a gig helping this customer migrate their contacts and have experience or confidence in getting it done?
    I will straight up refer you to them .


  • @ysapir said in Restaurant Pro POS software contacts migration project:

    Restaurant Pro

    H, I Have worked with this software before and I was able to buy support. However that was a couple years ago and looks like the software was sold to another company. But there should be a way to export the customers and import them. I will do some checking and get back to you.

  • @gtech
    Thank you !
    can you please email me directly to [email protected]

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