May 2019 Patch Tuesday Problem(s)

  • Since I'm a strong believer in the whole "Eat your own dog food" I'm seeing this on W10 1803 systems after applying the last round of updates.

    update errors.PNG

    Both systems I'm troubleshooting have the correct date, time and time zone. One of the other admins has the same thing happening on his machines, hoping to get a handle on this before it hits the users...

    • WSUS is synced and using proper date, time, and timezone.
    • I haven't seen it first-hand but am hearing reports that it's hitting some of our W7 installs as well.
    • sfc /scannow states that it finds and fixes errors but doesn't resolve the issue.

    Anyone else seeing this?

    We've also got some systems that seem to be borking their NIC drivers, from what the 1st level guys are saying it seems to be Intel NICs on the Asus boards used in our CAD / design machines.

    ** knock on wood** nothing seems to be going wrong with the servers this time around


    Coincidentally the cert on the WSUS server expired yesterday, so we should be back to "normal" once a valid cert is in place

  • @notverypunny Classic stupid mistake by Microsoft. Instead of writing what the error actually was, they trying to tell the admin what the solution is.

    Good thing you figured it out.

  • @Pete-S said in May 2019 Patch Tuesday Problem(s):

    Classic stupid mistake by Microsoft.

    Classic clueless end user mistake!

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