Lords describe Right to be Forgotten as 'unworkable, unreasonable, and wrong'

  • The House of Lords has slammed the EU ruling establishing a ‘right to be forgotten’ as ‘wrong in principle’
    The European Union’s “right to be forgotten” ruling is “unworkable, unreasonable, and wrong in principle”, according to a report by a committee of the House of Lords.

    Published on Wednesday, the Lords’ Home Affairs, Health and Education EU Sub-Committee’s report strongly criticised the court of justice of the European Union for its ruling, which created a requirement for firms such as internet search provider Google to remove outdated information.

    The committee argued that not only was the ruling problematic, the 1995 directive it was based on is itself out-dated, and calls on the government to continue its fight to ensure that “the updated Regulation no longer includes any provision on the lines of the Commission’s ‘right to be forgotten’ or the European Parliament’s ‘right to erasure’”.

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  • Hot often that you hear of the House of Lords doing something actually smart.

  • Sadly they did not manage to stop this awful law. One of the things probably making them question their EU membership in hindsight, though.

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