Restarting SCCM VMM Service

  • We have a isolated environment that someone was playing with SCCM VMM, they just disabled the VMM services when they were done. DB is still up and there have been a lot of changes to those Hyper V VM's since the service was off. We would like to start it back up and review the configurations but limited SC experience we are being cautious. If we start it back up, will it read the new configs of the VM's and update the DB or will it try and push the changes it knows of and play havoc with those VM's? Are we in for some fun in that lab or will enabling it be a non issue and it will read the new settings and keep what is there?

  • @Texkonc eww, that sounds like no fun.

    My money is on SC getting confused and accepting some changes and push out some old ones.

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