Scientific Linux - So long and thanks for the fish

  • Scientific Linux is dead, and that’s a good thing

    Linux Mint is alive for now, but infighting and feelings of defeat have many users worried about its future. Sadly, another Linux distribution, Scientific Linux, really has died. This operating system was based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and maintained by some significant members of the scientific community, such as The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and CERN. While current versions (6 and 7) will continue to be supported, future development has permanently ended, with the organizations instead turning to CentOS — another distro based on RHEL.

  • Probably a good thing overall. There are too many distros. The ability to make a distro makes Linux strong. But everyone and their brother making one makes it weak. Scientific was almost exclusively a way to water down CentOS. It just didn't make sense once CentOS became funded.