Dual boot issues with fedora and windows

  • I am trying to configure my new laptop to dual boot between fedora and windows 10. When I received the laptop, it was configured with Ubuntu and windows 10 dual boot.

    So I blew away Ubuntu and installed fedora. I was told to encrypt the disk for the Fedora install, which I did.

    The system boots up to fedora and asks me for a password as it should with drive encryption. However, I cannot load windows 10 at all.

    First of all is it possible to dual boot with encrypted drive?

    If so I need help 🙂

  • Not sure about the encryption part, but I had Win10 and Fedora dual booted.

    I currently have Win10 and Unbuntu 18.10 running.

    The full disk encryption may be to blame here,.. and I suppose there is a logical reason for it.. if nothing is on it but the OS you might start fresh with Win10 and go from there

  • Well I blew away windows and now the grub menu is showing it haha and let's me boot to it as an option. Fun fun

  • My guess is that no, it could not work if the full drive is encrypted. Once you boot into Windows, the drive would be inaccessible as there would be no Linux to decrypt it.

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