Epson TM-T20II receipt printer - sometimes prints larger cutting off right side of receipt

  • Hi guys,

    I have chiropractic customer where we did a server migration and replaced all of the desktops in the office this last weekend. One of the front computers is a new Dell Optiplex AIO computer with Windows 10 Pro (current on Windows updates) that needs to print customer receipts to an Epson TM-T20II receipt printer. It's important to note that this printer previously was used with an HP AIO (running windows 8 ) without any issues.

    When someone runs a credit card through the payment processor (Cash Practice) an IE window pop up with a receipt to print. When you then tell it to print to the TM-T20II printer it sometimes will print exactly how it should - centered on the paper and with nothing cut off. The problem is half of the time you will process a card and ask it to print and you get larger font and the text gets cut on the right hand side of the receipt. What's crazy is that any receipt that prints weird the first time will ALWAYS print correctly if you hit the print button a second time (on the same receipt in the same IE window)

    I'm using Epson's latest advanced printer driver - 5.10 and while I found a firmware update for the TM-T20II it failed installation saying it wasn't compatible (there were multiple variations of this printer apparently). I worked with Epson support yesterday and they walked me through various self tests that all passed and asked me to call back tomorrow when the higher tier support techs are available.

    I've simply never seen anything like this...the only consistency is that the second print always works. I've also tried uninstalling/reinstalling and using the older 5.09 driver with no success.

    Maybe it's something weird with the current version of IE? A Windows bug? We're also looking at getting a newer TM-T88V printer to see if that helps.

  • @frodooftheshire said in Epson TM-T20II receipt printer - sometimes prints larger cutting off right side of receipt:


    Assuming Windows 8.1 was up to date - then it had the same version of IE.

    Are you required to use IE? Try Chrome instead.

  • @Dashrender I'm not certain it was on 8.1 - it might have just been 8 and I'm not certain it was current with all IE updates. I would love to check the stats on the previous computer but the hard drive literally just kicked the bucket and it wont boot (it was already complaining about SMART errors - so we replaced it just in time) so I can't check anything on the previous machine. I tried changing the default browser to Chrome to see if I could get the program to open the window in Chrome and that didn't work. I'm going to call the software vendor to see if we can get the application to call on Chrome instead of IE.

  • We found a solution - setting the Epson printer as the default resolved the issue. Makes no sense. We discovered this because we moved the printer to a different computer and immediately had no issues. Then we realized Windows had set the Epson as the default because in settings this computer was set to "let windows manage my printer." When we went back to the other computer and switched it to the Epson receipt printer as default - voila - no weird issues on the first print.

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