ScreenConnect; Microsoft Nagging; Sessiongroup Expressions

  • Last week Microsoft announced they will start nagging end users to upgrade to Windows 10. The nagging will start April 2019.
    This created a need to be able to discuss, on the fly, which PCs at the customer are on Windows 7. I created this Accesslist Expression to show me the customer's Windows 7 PCs super quick.

    I hope you find it useful, or it gives you ideas of your own.

    Setup your Custom Session Properties here:
    Admin->Appearance->Web Resources->SessionProperty.CustomX.AccessVisible
    Admin->Appearance->Web Resources->SessionProperty.CustomX.LabelText

    SessionProperty.Custom1.AccessVisible = true
    SessionProperty.Custom1.LabelText = Organization
    SessionProperty.Custom2.AccessVisible = true
    SessionProperty.Custom2.LabelText = Department

    Then set these properties on each Access Client:
    Organization = // Example: ABC Widget Company
    Department = // Example: Admin, Accounting, Sales, C-Level, Maintenance, Logistics (Don't forget to put the Servers in a Department, I use "!Servers" to keep them at the top of the list)

    Next, create a new Session Group (at bottom of Access List)
    Name = Customers
    Session Filter = Blank (Although I have Access Clients that are not for the techs to see, so I use: CustomProperty1 <> 'Private' as the session filter to prevent our tech from seeing my personal access clients)
    Subgroup Expression: Paste in the next block, it will accept it with CRLF as below to make it more readable, so no need to make it all one line before you paste

    IIF (CustomProperty1 <> '' AND CustomProperty2 <> '', CustomProperty1, 
    IIF (CustomProperty1 <> '' AND CustomProperty2 = '', CustomProperty1, 
    IIF (CustomProperty1 = '' AND CustomProperty2 = '', '!UnNamed','!Error'))),   
    IIF (GuestOperatingSystemName LIKE '*Server*', '!Servers', 
    IIF (GuestOperatingSystemName LIKE '*Embedded*', 'Embedded OS', 
    IIF (GuestOperatingSystemName LIKE '*Windows XP*', 'Windows XP PCs',
    IIF (GuestOperatingSystemName LIKE '*Windows 7*', 'Windows 7 PCs', 
    IIF (GuestOperatingSystemName LIKE '*Windows 8*', 'Windows 8 PCs',
    IIF (GuestOperatingSystemName LIKE '*Windows 10*', 'Windows 10 PCs', 
    IIF (GuestOperatingSystemName LIKE '*MAC*', 'MAC OS','')))))))

    It creates an Access list that looks like this:

    	ABC Widget Company
    			Windows 10 PCs
    			Windows 7 PCs
    			Windows 10 PCs
    			Windows 7 PCs
    			Windows 10 PCs
    			Mac OS
    			Windows 7 PCs
    			Windows 8 PCs
    			Windows XP
    	XYZ Manufacturing
    			Windows 10 PCs
    			Windows 7 PCs
    			Windows 10 PCs
    			Windows 7 PCs
    			Embedded OS


  • Thanks that is nice info