StarWind Log-Structured Write-Back Cache (LWC)

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    StarWind Log-Structured Write-Back Cache (LWC): Transaction-aware Write-Back Cache (WBC) unlocks stellar write performance without need to sacrifice data integrity.

    The problem of latency in write operations with traditional cache technology becomes a daily hassle which can lead to a bottleneck in writing and data loss. What is more, the cache cannot ensure consistent performance under intense virtualized workloads which are prone to random I/O. 
    StarWind VSAN feature optimizes the data flows for your underlying storage, thus revolutionizing the way data is cached. Tailored for intense virtualized workloads, StarWind LWC provides accelerated write speed and increased reliability by effectively combining the fast memory like flash or RAM and a tiny portion of your storage.

    Ensure the desired resiliency and high performance for your apps with StarWind LWC!

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