Lithium-Ion Based UPS - Anyone?

  • I just saw an Eaton flyer on their UPS line based on Lithium-Ion batteries.

    First thought: "BOOM" 😛

    APC, the company we usually run with, has a line too now.

    Has anyone deployed them into production or lab setups yet?

    I've not logged in to Disti to check price variances over the standard sealed lead-acid units yet. It seems to me that we should save a few dollars on shipping since the larger units are on a pallet and freaking heavy.

  • Interesting, but I wonder if that is a good idea. Lead Acid is designed for use in UPS style applications (where it runs on power, not battery 99.999% of the time.) It's not like a laptop or car.

    I know that battery conditioning has improved a lot. But good conditioning is not the same as "designed for the use case."

    I wonder how well these hold up over time, unless running off of battery regularly.

  • @PhlipElder I have not myself. Not sure about it yet either.

  • Different scenarios will use this differently. In places where the batteries get run all the way down regularly, Lithium Ion are likely to hold up really well, the same places that kill Lead Acids. but places that basically never have that happen, I bet that they wear out quickly.

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