MeshCentral2 0.2.5-b Agent Lacks Video Option

  • Windows 10 1803 Client

    Loads of other installs are working fine. Installed one and it doesn't work like the others.

    This is what I see...

    Screenshot from 2018-12-22 12-49-23.png

    This is what I expect to see...

    Screenshot from 2018-12-22 12-52-43.png

  • @scottalanmiller from the console tab try to reload the default core values to see if the other tabs get reloaded.Don't remember the exact name but it's something like that.

  • Its actually Upload default server core, when the terminal has gotten stuck for me, I have cleared the core and then upload the default server core to get it to work again properly without rebooting the machine.

    Clearing the core gets only General, Events and Console tabs and loading the default loads all the rest.

    Screenshot from 2018-12-22 13-03-12.png

    Maybe it helps in this case as well.