StarWind Success Story: Schneider reduces IT TCO by 75% via virtualization stack

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    Schneider, a U.S. packaging machinery manufacturer had physical Dell servers that raised issues with heat level and maintenance costs. The company implements storage virtualization instead of purchasing a physical SAN. It chooses StarWind and consequently gets high performance and high availability with reduced IT TCO.

    Find out how Schneider keeps IT costs low with virtualization stack provided by StarWind.

  • If they had physical servers in the past - did they have data redundancy that made a SAN a requirement when moving to a virtualized environment?

    If not, that would be a classic changing of the requirements and over building of a solution causing spending that wasn't ever really needed.

    I wonder if they could have gone with externally attached storage (assuming they couldn't get enough into a single chassis) to support their entire 6 servers worth of load onto a single VM host?

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