StarWind Success Story: BLDD Architects ensure 100% IT infrastructure uptime

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    BLDD Architects, a U.S. company operating in the field of architectural and structural design, had aging EMC SAN infrastructure with VMware on top. Such an architecture entailed issues with poor performance, the difficulty of maintenance, and high financial costs. In this case, the viability of the IT infrastructure is out of the question. StarWind software-defined storage stack allowed to create maintenance-friendly and high-performance IT infrastructure.

    Find out how BLDD Architects ensured the balanced and long-term development of its business processes with StarWind.

  • @KOOLER I love the updates for customers who are using Starwind vSAN but we need some metrics. These articles aren't providing even an Executive summary of the differences from what the customer had to what they have now.

    Please provide more details, either in the PDF or on the summary posted to forums like this one.

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