Kemp LoadMaster HA Cluster: Ensure continuity and high availability of your load-balancing Kemp service

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    A Kemp LoadMaster appliance is a critical service for load balancing and application content delivery. Thanks to flexible deployment options for a wide range of hypervisors and cloud platforms, Kemp LoadMaster allows you to distribute user traffic and improve application performance in private and hybrid cloud systems intelligently and efficiently. At the same time, usually Kemp is in front of critical services such as E-mail, web applications, SharePoint and if you lose it, you’ll get service outage. Deploying an HA cluster will solve this problem and provide a high availability, especially for a physical appliance!

    Read the article by Romain Serre, StarWind Senior Consultant, to find out how to deploy a Kemp LoadMaster HA cluster at the link

  • I looked into this product when I was researching Reverse proxy systems that worked with Exchange 2010/2013.

    This was a really nice product, but more than the clients needed.

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