Brand-New Tool: Domain Doppelgänger Identifies Evil Twin Domains

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    I'm excited to announce the actual release of a new tool to help protect your organization from the bad guys.

    Phishing is still the most widely used cyber attack vector, and criminal attack campaigns often use spoofed websites to deceive your users so they simply allow the bad guys to take over your network.

    Since look-alike domains are a dangerous vector for phishing and other social engineering attacks, it’s a top priority that you monitor for potentially harmful domains that can spoof your domain.

    Our NEW Domain Doppelgänger tool makes it easy for you to identify your potential “evil domain twins” and combines the search, discovery, reporting, and risk indicators, so you can take action now.

    Better yet, with these results you can now generate an online assessment test to see what your users are able to Domain Doppelganger recognize as “safe” domains for your organization. You then receive a summary of the test results to understand how security-aware your users are when it comes to identifying potentially fraudulent or phishy domains.

    With Domain Doppelgänger, you can:

    • Search for existing and potential look-alike domains
    • Get a report with aggregated results that includes risk indicators, and
    • Generate an online “domain safety” quiz based on the results to administer to your end users
    • This is a complimentary tool and will take only a few minutes. Domain Doppelgänger helps you find the threat before it is used against you.

    Find your look-alike domains here:

    Copy & paste this link into your browser:

    Warm regards, Stu

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