Media server with Docker and GDrive

  • I'm planning to migrate my media server running Plex, Sonarr, Radarr and few other apps on FreeBSD to Linux box but isolating each app into Docker containers. Is anyone running their setup in similar configuration?

    I'm also planning on slowly moving from local storage to Google Drive, you just can't beat $10/mo for unlimited storage. Does anyone have experience with streaming from GDrive and if it's smooth without buffering? I have gigabit internet, so bandwidth is not an issue, latency is the unknown here.

  • @marcinozga Speed wise, you should be fine. Google has so many datacenters that the one you end up connecting to is always lower latency. Speed wise I think you'll be fine as well.

    Now you're going to make me do some math. Backblaze B2 at $10/month would be 5001GB, but they have egress fees, so not so great. Wasabi at $10/month would be 2040GB and no egress fees, so a possible option. If you're over 2TB, Google is going to be your best option for cloud storage.

  • @travisdh1 GSuite Business is $10 per user, and they don't enforce 5 user min to get unlimited storage, so you just need 1. I have 24TB, plus a few random USB drives floating around, probably around 40TB right now.

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