Yealink phone low volume

  • We have Yealink T41S (same as T42S) phones but the mic volume is too low.

    From searching the net I found that these are the setting in the provisioning file that needs to be changed.

    voice.handfree_send = ???
    voice.handset_send = ???
    voice.headset_send = ??? 

    Could anyone share what you have these set to?
    Have you experienced the same issue?

    We are running 3CX and not FreePBX but I don't think it is PBX related. The setting from FreePBX would give me a good starting point.

  • Well, one client I have this. This client does not use EPM. I created these files.

    No idea why right now.

  • This client uses the commercial EPM to manage the phones and this is what it created.

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