What I had to do to watch a BluRay on my Fedora box

  • Caveat: This is my daily driver box, so I likely already had a few things installed or setup that would be required from new. For example I already had ffmpeg setup from this post.

    VLC refused to load my BluRay disc, so I hit google and found my supposition about DRM to be the likely cause.

    sudo dnf install libbluray libbluray-utils libaacs libbdplus
    mkdir -p ~/.config/aacs
    # the guy let his LE cert expire a couple days prior to posting this
    wget -c https://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/files/KEYDB.cfg -O ~/KEYDB.cfg --no-check-certificate

    After this, VLC was able to open and play my movie disc.

  • I found this site to be very helpful.

    There is also a libbluray-bdj package in the main fedora repo. I have no installed it yet. If the next BluRay I watch has a problem, I will maybe try those settings.