HP Probook 430 G1 battery drain

  • Weird issue here, I have an HP Probook 430 G1 with an aftermarket battery. The battery holds a charge for what I think is a good amount of time, about 4-6 hours while I am using the laptop. The issue is once I shut down the computer. If I leave the battery in the laptop it will completely drain the battery. However, if I pull the battery out I can plug it back in a week later and the battery is still full and I get the full 4-6 hours out of it. I have verified that I am actually shutting down the pc, not sleep or hibernate. Anyone else have a similar issue or heard of such an issue?

  • Does this laptop support usb charging or any other "offline" activities?

  • If it does I don't use it. When I shut it down I throw it in a bag to be used in a day or two, there is nothing connected to it. Just to be safe I ensured the USB hub's listed in device manager has the "allow the computer to turn off to save power" settings were checked.

  • Have you checked eventvwr to make sure it isn't powering on to run a backup or something?

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