Yealink T46G - wipe Verizon firmware?

  • Verizon has been rebranding the Yealink T46g for a while now and there are a ton of used ones out there. Does anyone know if you can flash the firmware back to Yealink's? The last time I tried to work with one, Verizon had disabled the web interface entirely.

  • You can probably do this by setting up a tftp server with a default yealink fw and rom, then set the yealink to use that tftp server by going into Recovery Mode. Havent done with yealink, but at last job Mitel stuff was similar, and I bet all voip phones are similar to this:

  • First, what version of firmware is on them?

    Power one up and push the OK button. It should tell you.

  • I can confirm that holding the speaker button down during power up will get you in recovery mode.

    Setup a local TFTP server and setup your DHCP to give out that IP for TFTP.

    Create a y0000000000XX.cfg in your TFP folder.

    The specific values for XX depends on the actual model of the phone and why I asked what the firmware was currently.

    At a minimum, assuming you block all external access this will enable you to get into the existing GUI.

    static.wui.http_enable = 1
    static.wui.https_enable = 1 = 443 = 80 = admin = admin:admin = user = user:user

  • For anyone curious, recovery mode does not even query DHCP.

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