Fighting the Impostor Within

  • Deep inside you lies an impostor. Rather than an opinion, this is a fact for many of us, regardless of profession. The impostor exists in that deep, dark place you hope no one can see, waiting to ruin everything you’ve achieved professionally.

    Is this impostor your alter ego like Dr. Jekyll’s Mr. Hyde? Perhaps. Does he / she even resemble the real you? How do you keep the impostor at bay? Is it even possible?

    Back up for a second. The impostor is someone you have let yourself become, existing because of fear and doubt. These two feelings shackle your mind and change your own self-perception. Do you ever wonder if others feel the same? I guarantee you they do. I suspect these feelings come easier to folks who have achieved things they didn’t think were previously possible. Let’s take some examples.

    An Example from the Realm of Education
    When I was teaching high school math several years ago, I made students write a paper at the beginning of the year describing their general attitude toward math and what had shaped it in the past. I asked for brutal honesty, and in most cases, I got it. Many students hated math because they were never good at it, were discouraged because of previous teachers, or didn’t feel the subject was worth their time. My goal was to help these students put aside the previous experiences and to help them keep an open mind to the possibility of being able to succeed. While it certainly did not work in every case, a number of students were able to reach new heights only because they began to believe they could. It was easy to see the pride on their faces as their grades began to soar higher than they had in previous years.

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  • I struggle with this daily. One of my biggest problems in life.

  • @wirestyle22 said in Fighting the Impostor Within:

    I struggle with this daily. One of my biggest problems in life.

    You are definitely not alone in that. Hang in there! And always know fellow community members are here to help.