Hyper-V Virtual Switch Multiple VLANs

  • Here is the scenario I'm trying to accomplish.

    • Hyper-V server running Sophos XG as a guest VM
    • Sophos is assigned to 2 virtual switches - one for WAN and one for LAN

    Without any VLANs, this has been working perfectly. Now that I want to setup multiple VLANs within Sophos (of course after having setup my Edgeswitch with appropriate VLAN settings and assigned to correct ports), devices connected to those ports do not get an assigned IP address from Sophos even though both the VLAN is setup and DHCP server setup in Sophos.

    After a couple days of troubleshooting, I figured out the issue lies with the way my Hyper-V virtual switch is handling VLANs. I've come to this conclusion because when I create this same configuration on Sophos XG installed on baremetal, everything works beautifully and all devices are getting IP addresses in the range they should based on VLAN. However, when I do this with Sophos XG as a VM, IP addresses are no longer assigned (same exact config between baremetal Sophos and VM Sophos).

    I've easily configured virtual switches in Hyper-V when they get a single VLAN but this needs to allow ANY VLAN that gets setup through Sophos. Likely I need to setup the virtual switch as a trunk port to allow all VLANs but fail to find information on how to do this.

    I realize there may not be a lot of love in this community for Sophos but hoping someone has had the need to assign more than 1 VLAN to a Hyper-V virtual switch before that can point me in the right direction.

    This isn't for production use but for my lab.