Office 365 DNS query failed - delayed messages

  • I am sending from an Office 365 account to a hosted exchange recipient. The recipient is receiving the messages 8 hours delayed. When I look at a trace on my O365 admin account there is a delay on MS server before the mail server of the recipient. The error is DNS query failed, shows the correct domain name of the recipient but the IP address displayed in the error next to the recipient domain name is wrong. I attempted to lookup the IP but cant find any reverse a records published or any info on the web about the ip.
    I opened a case with MS a week ago and they keep dragging their feet.

    I am in the process of migrating the recipient domain to Office365. I have added and verified the domain name in the O365 tenant, but have not updated any DNS records yet other than the one txt record to prove I have access to the domain. Could this be causing the delay?

  • Do you have their actual domain listed in O365 though? If yes, them I'm surprised they get email from other O365 users at all. I would fully expect other O365 users to basically skip the DNS check when MS knows it's hosting the domain on O365.

  • @dashrender Yes, it is listed in Office 365 as I had to verify the domain.

  • @i3 said in Office 365 DNS query failed - delayed messages:

    @dashrender Yes, it is listed in Office 365 as I had to verify the domain.

    Then again - I'm amazed any email makes it out of O365 to their self hosted exchange server.

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