Getting started with Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO): Ensure business continuity and DR compliance


    • Introducing Aperature laboratories
    ○ VAO is oriented towards applications
    ○ Start with protecting one small application, gets it 100%, then continues.
    ○ This will help learning and help success

    • Use cases & key terms
    ○ Disaster recovery
    § An outage occurs and you need to react
    ○ Planned migration
    ○ Patch and Test
    § Testing a patch
    ○ Security Audits
    § IT security evaluation
    ○ VM groups - Are the result of tagging and categorization
    ○ Plan steps
    § are the what happens in a failover plan for both verification and launch.
    ○ Virtual labs
    § The association of replication job to build a DR plan around is detected from the Veeam Availability Orchestrator agent, then enabled in Veeam Availability Orchestrator for plans
    ○ Template jobs
    § A critical function post-failover to back up the (now production) systems that have been managed in VAO for orchestrated DR failover.
    ○ Failover plans - Constructed of:
    § VM groups
    § A collection of steps and handling options
    § Assigned creds
    § Options to protect after failover
    § Document and report

    • Vmware vsphere tags
    ○ Consideration
    § Set vsphere tags up before implementing VAO by identifying and tagging applications to protect
    □ Use intuitive vpshere tag and category names
    ® Good :DR-Tier1-AppName
    ® Bad: SampleTag
    § Impact:
    □ Makes the vm group ssignment easier and aligned to the applications before VAO configuration
    □ Makes a consistent alignment between the production applications

    • Architecture & components
    ○ VAO works by presenting a UI that allows you to design and document failover plans
    ○ Integrates w/ other Veeam components like B&R and ONE embedded or distributed
    ○ Site-based model
    § One DR site
    § Multiple production sites
    ○ Site roles
    § Site admins
    § Failover plan authors
    ○ Granular delegation
    § VM groups
    § Virtual labs
    § Other plan components
    § Site administrators - In VAO UI on the prod site server, it can performed
    § Failover plan authors - manage failover plans for any VAO site the prod failover plan author can manage failover plans for the prod sites only.
    § Built on Veeam Business View
    □ VM groups are building blocks of plans
    § Dynamic group updates via
    □ vCenter tags
    □ Business view rules
    § Built on Veeam Virtual Labs
    □ Veeam SureReplica tech
    □ Delegate labs per site
    □ Build custom lab environments
    □ Scheduling engine
    □ Granular testing & verification
    □ Dashboards for failover plan readiness
    § DR template
    □ Fully customizable in MS word
    □ Multiple template per site
    § DR definition document
    □ Built from template + plan definition
    □ Automatically update as plan changes
    □ Emailed to all stakeholders
    □ Detailed change logs
    § Components
    □ VAO
    □ B&R
    □ ONE
    □ UI & SQL server DB
    § Even though VAO has embedded components, the sizing of BUR jobs must be accounted for:
    □ Proxies
    □ Repos
    □ Frequencies
    □ Sequencing: take a backup, do a replica, do a surereplica
    □ You learn a lot about B&R jobs
    § Site design
    □ Active / passive
    ® Each VAO server defines a site
    ® Only one DR site - VM replicas here with plans built and run here
    ® Can be multiple prod sites with a VAO server at each
    ® VM inventor is synced from prod sites to DR site
    □ Active / active
    ® Each site as have that defies a site
    ® 2 DR sites with 2 UI's not one
    ® VM inventory is synced

    • Documentation & testing
    ○ Plan definition report- contains the config of the plan and is automatically updated daily
    ○ Plan execution report - failover or failback and is automatically generated for every plan execution
    ○ Plan test report - automatically generated for every test run in a Veeam virtual lab
    ○ Plan readiness check report - the config check for a plan that is automatically checked daily.

    - Reports are great troubleshooting resource
    - Historical reports captures details of each steps ops, including script output
    - Try and isolate the issue, could be Veeam or VMware
    - Be aware of step order - make sure it works in test as you expect
    - There is a UI option to gather all of the logs to produce one bundle, be sure to use it for support.
    - When you add a script, by default it is executed on the Backup server, and only during a failover. Scripts can execute on VAO connected Backup server console, or inside the vm.
    - Ask where and when you want the script to run, Use appropriate account
    - Important to understand since some customers who already have manual DR will have scripts

    - Collect and Export logs
    - Using Vm tags vs categorization
    - VAO & domain infrastructure
    - Initial installation and license
    - Configuration assistance
    - No B&R or ONE on the same server as VAO

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