Office 2016 search not showing everything

  • Windows 10 machines of various versions with Office 2016 with latest updates are not returning all possible results when searching a location within the Office app.

    user launches Word, Chooses Open Other Workbooks > Browse
    This opens a File Explorer like Window that is Word branded in the upper left corner.

    1. When the user searches their documents directory (over 10K documents in about 1000 folders) they are shown a list of about 50 things max.
    2. User opens File Explorer, searches their documents directory and are shown 1700+ files (when limited to only Word type documents).

    Why is the application not showing everything? The application is definitely showing things in different folders, just not everything.

  • My best guess before going to Google is there must be a cache list within the Office apps, and it only looks at folders that have been accessed since install of Office (remember this is a new machine for the user).

  • I checked just now to see if indexing was installed and setup on the server for this share.

    Installed - check
    configured for this share - negative.

    So I checked the box for the required folders and now it's indexing. We'll see if this makes any difference.