Hypervisor with small storage

  • Hi,

    What's your thoughts on KVM nodes with 64 GB usb flash drives that are good with 70 mb write speed and 130 read , like really good qaulity USB drive or even SSD 64 GB SATA storage, and saving all that on another storage server.

    Basically what I am saying how can I make KVM node diskless , like pure compute nodes , what's your thoughts and if those nodes saved to OBR are they converged infrastructure or traditional.

    What if I add glusterfs or DRBL to the storage instead OBR will that be considered converged or even hyperconverged

  • @emad-r If you want diskless, look at setting up a PXE server to boot them from the network.

    If you just want minimal drives locally, then go with the small SSD. I've not found a USB stick that has the same sort of write endurance yet, and have had many fail on me when being used for the OS, temp files, and logging.

    Gluster would just be a normal network mount point to the compute nodes, and DRBL is another way to network boot.

    Converged or hyper-converged really doesn't matter, you want the most cost effective hardware to do the job.

    Without knowing more about what you're trying to accomplish, we can't give anything but generic advice, and even that could be completely wrong.

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