What does a good IT Admin resume look like?

  • I'm trying to update my resume but I've always had trouble with this. I used to work in retail (for the last decade) and I rarely did anything with my resume. I finally broke into IT a few years ago and got a sysadmin/general IT administrator position (I do everything in IT). I think my resume was short and to the point, and according to my boss, I mainly got the job because of my cover letter.

    Now that I actually have a bunch of experience that covers a range of IT areas, I am trying to figure out how best to express it on a resume. I've looked into this a bit in the past and have seen mixed suggestions. I just want to see what you guys might say.

    I know you typically want to tailor a resume to the specific position you're applying for, but you don't want to riddle the thing with every single thing you know... right? I figure I would mainly be applying for jobs listed as "Level X Systems Administrator". Or "IT generalists" as I've seen them referred to on this community.

    I'm looking for layout/organization input as well as what and what not to put. Anyone have suggestions? Even some sample resumes would be awesome.

  • @dave247 redact any private info and post it. That is what others have done.

  • A big rule is... no fluff. Keep it clean, simple, and on task.

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