• Hi,

    I'm kind of confused, just discovered that TPM and PTT are 2 different security. The reason why I asked this is because I've been trying to setup Bitlocker on a Surface Book for almost a week, can't figure out why it doesn't prompts or lets you create a PIN. The reason is because new models like Surface Book's has the TPM chip embedded on their motherboards. Can PTT do that as well? I mean, I just checked my laptop and there's a PTT but I can't do Bitlocker on my laptop, it says incompatible TPM.


  • PTT is a way of provider TPM, they are not two separate things. PTT is a non-dedicated hardware approach to TPM 2.0. PTT is designed for low power devices, often used in industrial computing.

    Traditionally TPM requires a TPM module, a dedicated hardware processor and firmware for security. With TPM 2.0 dedicated hardware is no longer required. PTT is Intel's implementation of TPM 2.0 for low power systems.