Newbie using PGP (opinions)

  • This is my first run in with PGP. We had a bank that wanted to send us an encrypted file and asked for a PGP public key. I had heard of PGP but never had a need or use for it until today. I tried talking them into using Citrix Sharefile, which they absolutely use because the person I was working with admitted he had an account. Their security team was adamant that they wanted a public PGP key. Since this was an (no surprise) emergency I came across GPGSuite. I downloaded installed and followed the installation tutorial. I sent them the public key but have not heard back from them yet.

    Knowing that MAC is an evil company and hated by many (sarcasm), I was wondering of the few that do demean themselves 🙂 and use macOS. Do you have any experience with PGP apps what would you recommend?

    Thank you,

  • @popester Well, I heard back from them. Their response confused the hell out of me. I may be working with someone that is more clueless than myself. Now they want me to enable an SFTP server so they can upload the file. My question is "Then why the hell did i send you a public PGP key!" Do they really need to encrypt the encrypted payload? Which one of us needs to drop the crack pipe?

  • That's a bunch of lol...what?

    SFTP is definitely just fine. Keep it simple 🙂

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