Nextcloud 13 Brings Improved UI, Video and Text Chat, End-to-end Encryption, Improved performance and more

  • From the Nextcloud Blog: Nextcloud 13 is out after 9 months of development and testing. This release brings improvements to the core File Sync and Share like easier moving of files and a tech preview of our end-to-end encryption for the ultimate protection of your data. It also introduces collaboration and communication capabilities, like auto-complete of comments and integrated real-time chat and video communication. Last but not least, Nextcloud was optimized and tuned to deliver up to 80% faster LDAP, much faster object storage and Windows Network Drive performance and a smoother user interface. Read on to find out what else is new and don’t miss our thanks and invitation on the bottom!

    I'll be upgrading shortly 🙂

  • NC can jump to version 20 if all I care, I will still try to avoid it.

    What a mistake implementing that thing in my production... They dont stop and fix there small annoying bug in their official apps/addons, no they just keep releasing garbage thinking that will differentiate them more from OwnCloud.

    It is good for its core feature as backup sync solution only = yes
    does it have stupid bugs that occurs with no real fixes that keeps occurring in each release = yes
    is the extra addons/features reliable = no

    Seems like they should call it NC BETA all year round

    1. Google this = nextcloud keeps asking for password
      and look at how many versions it is happening, and it never gets really resolved. I have to resort to next cloud command line which is fking stupid for managing an 2018 web app, to use an command line.

    2. I am using their contacts app official, and my god does it have weird behavior = groups does not appear in the drop down list, and if you enter contact group for example like = FINANCE, you will have additional groups like
      let alone blank contacts, and shit like that, you need to purchase an additional external program to manage it =
      effectively, which is why did you setup this program in the first place.

    I dont understand how they released it, I am using v12.0.1 and it could been alot better and more polished
    It is all in the way things are organized the ppl that work on addons clearly are not in the same loop as the people working in the core stuff.

    I dont understand why ML loves this product, after using it in production I am hating it, sure its FOSS but it you try to use it for anything else other than file BU its meh, and regarding file BU and syncing currently there are many other options.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have been using it in production for years

  • @emad-r said in Nextcloud 13 Brings Improved UI, Video and Text Chat, End-to-end Encryption, Improved performance and more:

    is the extra addons/features reliable = no

    You can say that about any system that allows add ons. Just don't use them if they are a problem. Treat them as other pieces of software and evaluate them individually.

    If you think of Windows or Linux as the base and say that not all of the third party software available for them are reliable, you'd not be able to use operating systems in general.

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