Generating CSR for RDS server using Subdomain

  • In the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager I navigated to the server certificates and clicked "Create Certificate Request". After the request was generated I logged into the provider's website, in this case and uploaded the CSR code into their wizard. I just had a few questions.

    Q: If I finish the wizard will it attempt to renew the certificate while users are connected?
    A: No it won't attempt to apply until the server attempts to complete the certification request.

    Q: Do I need to delete the old CSR generated? I would think this wouldn't matter because I'm just uploading whatever code I want.

  • @wirestyle22 said in Generating CSR for RDS on Subdomain:

    I generated a CSR for an RDS server. Does that automatically apply or do I have to do something in addition to that? It seems like it's active. The other thing is will the connection automatically the new certification or do I need to delete the old one? Also, can I apply this during the day or do I need to wait until no one is connected via RDS? I'm assuming no one can be connected.

    You need to finish the activation with the SSL Certificate you downloaded and apply it to IIS.

  • I had some confusion because of the age of the old CSR. It doesn't line up with the correct dates. I'll edit my original post when I know more.