Restoring Files and Folders out of Scale HC3 VM Snapshots

  • HC3 snapshots capture an entire VM and all of its data at a single point in time. And restoring (aka cloning) a previous snapshot creates a new bootable VM copy of that data as it existed at previous point in time. But there are many ways to use those snapshots to restore older versions of corrupted or deleted files and folders ... including database files, etc.

    Here is just one documented example that uses a Linux Mint Live CD to boot a VM and access NTFS file systems from previous snapshots...

    Youtube Video

    Note that a similar process could also be done using a Windows (PE) based recovery ISO instead of Linux mint as long as that environment has the ability to manually load VIRTIO disk drivers (and virtio network drivers if needed) either when it is created or at boot time - which many tools like commercial Windows based Bare Metal Recovery ISO's for many full system backup products do allow...

    because of the legality and licensing requirements of windows PE and various tools, we don't want to recommend any specific windows recovery ISO or windows "PE builder" tools ...

    With the Linux Mint ISO - if for some reason you need or want to be able to mount the NTFS volume in read/write mode and get an error about "unclean file system" it is possible to do by first using the ntfsfix command which is included in the Linux mint iso. One case might be if you want to also install samba to share the mounted volume so it can be directly accessed across a network


    Lastly - don't overlook the option of cloning the VM snapshot - disconnecting the virtual nic from the clone so you can boot it up without an IP address and name conflict, change the name/ip then shutdown and re-attach the nic and reboot the clone with a completely different VM name and IP ... copy the files you need from that VM to wherever you need them. when you are done shut down the cloned VM and delete it.

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