Is Email the Biggest Threat Vector for Modern Businesses

  • Email sure has come up a lot in recent years. Amazingly, as email usage has dropped, the dangers of email has increased. Payloads are less likely to be Nigerian Prince scams and more likely to be ransomware deployments. How we think about email today is very different than it was just a few years ago. Spam itself might be dropping off as people and technology get better and better at identifying it and stopping it; but ransomware is so effective that it accounts more than ever as the key danger being delivered in email.

    In general, traditional viruses, trojans, worms, direct hacking all seem to be taking a back seat to the dangers of email delivered malware. End users and complex email systems have made email a very strategic attack vector because it allows outside attackers direct access to the greatest point of vulnerability: the end users.

    Your choice of email platform, and your choice of email filtering are key factors in how your users will be able to and need to defend themselves.

    What do you think? Do you see email as the same as it always has been? Has it gotten safer? Or has it gotten more dangerous than ever before?