Scale HC3 Resources - VDI and Virtual Desktops

  • The Virtual Desktops Solution page on our web site has many good resources about virtual desktops in general and specific partner solutions including our joint solution with Workspot

    But to answer the simple question - yes, desktop OS's such as Windows 10 and Windows 7 can run on HC3 just like any other VM and can take advantage of built in HC3 capabilities like rapid / thin cloning and replication... for a moderate number of VM's, cloning one per user and using windows RDP (and remotefx) protocol to let them connect from a windows or mac desktop, phone or tablet works like a charm.

    Of particular note - for customers considering running a large number of individual virtual desktop VMs - the Reference Architecture document is a useful guide for sizing and estimating how many virtual desktop VM's a particular HC3 cluster could support with acceptable user experience

    Scale has also been tested with various Citrix VDI solutions and is listed in the Citrix ready marketplace For "how to" guidelines - search Citrix on our customer or partner portal to find a quick start guide on using Citrix XenDesktop with HC3 or use the following links
    Partner Portal
    Customer Portal

    If you are interested in delivering multi user "session based" virtual desktops, aka "terminal services" - search for RDSH on our partner or customer portal to access a quick start guide on using Microsoft Remote Desktop Session host (RSDH) with HC3 or use the following links

    Partner Portal
    Customer Portal

    There are others out there as well ...

    nComputing vSpace Pro combined with their cost effective thin client endpoints works nicely on HC3

    Ericom Connect is simple to set up and provides a very nice web-based client to access HC3 desktops.

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