Scale HC3 Resources - Microsoft Exchange on HC3 System

  • Data Sheet: Exchange on Scale HC3 Datasheet

    tl/dr - even our old entry level HC1000 can support a sizable Exchange deployment ... the Exchange Loadgen tool can be used to simulate and size your own exchange environment.

    Entry Level Reference Architecture 250-500 users (requires support portal login)

    This application note describes a validated reference architecture designed to support approximately 250 – 500 Microsoft Exchange users on an entry level Scale HC3 cluster of 3 nodes. Design objectives include sizing the system to operate in degraded scenarios with one of the 3 nodes offline. User mailboxes and roles are distributed across multiple virtual machines (VMs) to allow for load to be distributed across all nodes of the HC3 cluster.

    to access: log in to portal and search "Microsoft Exchange on the Scale HC3 Cluster 250 - 500 Users" in the Search Knowledge box or click links below