Live Q&A Session on the Edge and ZeroTier

  • Received this email today from ZeroTier


    Dear ZeroTier User,

    To help us improve ZeroTier and to answer any questions you may have, we've decided to try hosting our first scheduled live question and answer session. This session will take place on Wednesday December 13th 2017 at 11:00AM PST (US Pacific Time) and will be held in the #general channel of our live online community.

    This channel is also linked to the #zerotier channel on FreeNode IRC for those who prefer that method of attending.

    We hope that by inviting everyone to participate at a set time and place we will be able to learn a lot about what our users need and want and how we can improve our platform.

    We'd also like to use this opportunity to answer any questions you might have about the upcoming ZeroTier Edge device. Thanks to all those who supported us by pre-ordering the Edge and helping us reach our pre-sale target early! There are still 20 days left, so if you're interested in an easy way to connect physical and virtual networks please consider ordering.

    Have a great holiday season and stay tuned for more news after the first of the year!

    -Adam Ierymenko | ZeroTier, Inc.

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