Starwind VSAN Free restrictions removed

  • Hello,

    So it would appear that Starwind has just removed almost almost all the restrictions that they have had on their Free offering in terms of nodes and capacity. Free version is command line only and no virtual tape library vs having VTL and full management tools on the paid version. Also Free version only has comunity based support.
    Could still be interesting option to use for playing around with on a home lab however.

    For more details: video marketing

  • This was announced here several weeks/months ago. It's a good option when you're looking at other things like VMWare VSAN or HP's VSA.

  • I need to give this another go. They give some good PowerShell examples on building and monitoring a setup. At the time I tested it, there weren't any PS commands available for modifying anything. To make a change you had to wipe it & start fro scratch again... :-S