Quickly Getting a Salt-Minion Going From Scratch

  • Here's a quick and easy few steps to get a Linux Salt-Minion going from scratch (pre-OS install).

    This is my workstation example, change as desired for servers.

    I updated my blog with this info as well: https://www.timothygruber.com/linux/saltstack-installation-configuration/#Easy_Minion_Install_Summary

    1. Install Fedora Workstation from Net Install ISO.
      a) Fully update (if needed)
      dnf upgrade --refresh

    2. Run the "Linux_Minion_Setup.sh" script, which does the following: (change IP)

    echo ' salt' >> /etc/hosts
    dnf install salt-minion -y
    systemctl enable salt-minion.service
    systemctl start salt-minion.service
    1. On the Salt-Master, add the new Salt-Minion's key:
      sudo salt-key -L
      sudo salt-key -A

    2. On GitLab.com, add the new Salt-Minion and desired states to the top.sls file:

         - virtworkstation
    1. Run a HighState: (if you, for example, the above state set up)
      sudo salt 'fwtest' state.apply