Fusion Pbx snom 300

  • Hi All,

    Anyone use or have any ideas:

    • I've setup a fresh fusion install on a Debian 8 VM...install wen't well no problems.
    • I've configured ssl on a subdomain using lets encrypt....all working well.
    • GW / connection to sip trunk....all working.
    • added my subdomain in advanced > access controls. and set to allow.
    • added account to xlite, all connecting and working.
    • setup default route to extension 001....all calls can now be made and received..

    So this leaves me with the hardware phone, a snom 300, this is where the problem is.

    • I have added device and mac details and selected the required template.
    • I have then provisioned the phone, web interface for phone logs state it was provisioned OK.
    • Under registrations it shows as registered.
    • I can dial out from the phone to a normal mobile number.
    • I cannot dial another extension and the phone itself will not ring..

    Anyone had these issues before?

    0_1506613811452_pbx image.png

  • Never worked with Fusion, I'm afraid.

    • update: I can dial extensions so dialling out is working fine.

  • FusionPBX is on my list of things to actually spend time on when I have time.

    It is a solid FreeSwitch based PBX.

    I have installed it on Debian 8 simply. It failed on Debian 9 but that was real close to the Debian 9 release so not really unexpected that it failed. Though at the time I was not immediately aware that Debian 9 was new.

    I tinkered with it very briefly and like it. But it is not for the layman IMO. Great for someone that manages PBX's a lot. not for the solo IT guy and such.

  • I just realized that this is FusionPBX, not a Snom production called Fusion that is a PBX. Highlights why getting names right really matters, in no way trying to be pedantic, I literally never even thought of FusionPBX here at all, hence why I repeated Fusion, not FusionPBX. Because of the change in name, my brain never even registered that FusionPBX might have been meant.

  • I updated the tags to reflect FusionPBX. Just like I didn't notice that we were talking about FusionPBX, because the tags were different, this wasn't tagged to the existing FusionPBX discussions, but had a unique new tag for the new name.

  • @jaredbusch - I really like it, including the layout, just this slight issue with the snom 300 phone, but I'm sure I will get the issue sorted.

  • @scottalanmiller - I think I did add some tags Scott, did I type them in wrong?

  • @stuartjordan said in Fusion Pbx snom 300:

    @scottalanmiller - I think I did add some tags Scott, did I type them in wrong?

    You did add them, I modified them. You tagged "fusion pbx" but the product and the existing tag is "fusionpbx", no space. So you created a new tag that re-inforced this not being FusionPBX 🙂

    When typing in a tag, look for the autocompletely list. This will tell you if a tag for that topic already exists and how it is spelled. We try to make the tags be identical to product names when possible. Often with manual clean ups. In this case, the list when you start typing "fusion" is enough to show "fusionpbx" and you can just select it. That way you know for sure that the topic is linked to the other topics that are related.

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