• Okay so I know the answer to this is don't bother with VLAN's for VOIP, instead use Traffic Shaping to ensure the best effort as far as you can control.

    Which means I should do DSCP tagging for Voice traffic.

    What else should I be looking to set?

  • I'd edit that to say use traffic shaping at the gateway to prioritize egress traffic. If you are afraid you might already be saturating switches on your internal network (which hopefully you aren't), many switches have traffic shaping built in to prioritize the VOIP traffic. I've never needed to activate it on my LAN to have VOIP work well.

  • I'd also make sure if you're passing network connection through a phone to a computer, make sure you have gigabit passthrough and not 10/100. It's worth the slight extra cost if you're looking to avoid dropping another ethernet jack in each person's cube.

  • The traffic shaping rules that I'm looking at are at the firewall, so nothing specific to the network switches, yet.

    Just trying to think of anything else that I'm not thinking of, that would need to be adjusted to ensure good quality, with reliable phone service, no stuttering etc.

  • And don't inspect SIP traffic, turn off SIP-ALG, etc. Many times that leads to one-way audio and heartache.

  • Same thing on the switches, prioritize that tag end to end.