IT Manager needed in Northern Alberta, Canada

  • Wanted to post this on the spiceworks job section but they only accept postings for USA locations and we are in Canada.

    If you are interested you read more about the position and can apply at:

    Job ID: 2014-1573
    Location: Fort McMurray, AB Canada
    Manager, Information Technology

    Be sure to include cover letter and salary expectations.

    Do not contact me directly for the position but go through the web interface. I will be training/transitioning projects to the new manager but not actually hiring them (I'm the current IT manager and I'm moving out of the region to be closer to aging family).

    This has been a great employer and although the work load is often heavy it has been a fun-tastic and rewarding place to work. We are very team focused here so those who like to hide in server rooms and avoid people need not apply. Having strong VMware Horizon & EMC skills will be a requirement. Thanks and good luck 🙂

  • Awesome to see more job postings going up here. And welcome to the community too! Great to see new people.