Is the Game really over for some SSD companies?


    It says - "Consumers should only be buying SSDs from Samsung, Crucial/Micron, OCZ (Toshiba), SanDisk and Intel. " What are your thoughts about it? And what about the Enterprise customers of SSD? Which vendors make it to the top of the list in enterprise - SSD vendors I mean. According to the link here it seems like Samsung, Toshiba, Micron, Sandisk, Intel and SK Hynix could be those - or am I missing something here?

  • I've been buying Kingston for work. Not sure if they manufacture or just re-badge?

    Plus a few HPs for CAD workstations. Who makes HPs?

  • They assume that these other vendors will vanish completely, but make no mention of buyouts from larger firms listed. Besides, who buys consumer SSD's for enterprise use anyways?

  • @Carnival-Boy said:

    I've been buying Kingston for work. Not sure if they manufacture or just re-badge?

    Plus a few HPs for CAD workstations. Who makes HPs?

    I'm sure HP is sourced and probably not consistent. You'd have to check each one.

  • We've been deploying SSDs in all our 30+ laptops for the last 4+ years. In the beginning we mostly used Kingston and a few OCZ, but in the last 2 years have been going with Intel whenever possible (sometimes hard to find stock on the smaller sizes) or Samsung. We experienced a lot of premature failures with Kingston drives, many of them with less than 1 year of service. Their warranty process was a nuisance. At one point they also had issues with buggy firmware which bricked a few drives.. The few OCZs lasted a long time but I believe they have all failed now (after 3-4 years; which is kind of expected with SSDs.) So far no issues with any Intel or Samsung drives knock on wood

  • @jasonh : Thanks for sharing. Intel and SamSung are pretty much the leaders in the market. (Recent Gartner report June 13, 2014)

    SSD Revenues

    • Samsung $3.1b in revenue leads SSD sales - majority of revenue is attributed to PC SSD Sales.
    • At #2 is Intel($1.4b), #3 is SanDisk($1.3b), #4 Micron($0.8b), #5 Toshiba ($0.6b)

    In the enterprise, the SSD reliability reality may TOO match the report: . Look forward to hearing from enterprise users of SSD (server admins, non PC users).

    Enterprise SSD Revenues

    • Total sales $4.4b, Hyperscale customers are purchasing low-cost SATA SSDs in huge volumes whereas Storage Manufactures are buying higher quality SAS SSDs.
    • SATA SSDs: Intel lead producer of enterprise SATA SSDs, followed by Samsung, Smart Storage, OCZ and SanDisk.
    • SAS SSDs: WD is #1 is SAS based SSD market followed by SanDIsk, Seagate, Toshiba and Hitachi
    • PCIe SSDs: FusionIO is #1 followed by Google, NetApp, LSI and WD at #5. NOTE: Google, NetApp and Hitachi use their own PCIe SSDs within their own data centers - no external enterprise customers

    With SanDisk's recent acquisition of FusionIO, they may pose a threat to Intel's SSD market.

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