Small Business Office365 Tenant out of space error

  • User has had a ton of problems getting documents to sync up. I have had to "repair" multiple times. I hae narrowed the problem to either Kaspersky or their SonicWall router/firewall.

    While attempting to move files back into the user's OneDrive for Business folder it puked on the last file stating the user was out of space. I know this cannot be true because there is only like 2GB in the folder and they should have 25 as far as I know. I enptied the online recycle bin but cannot find any settings related to the user's upload limits and such. Is this something only the admin account has access to?

    I just rebooted the machine and gave up for the night so I'll be on this first thing in the morning.

  • In OneDrive for Business, if you go to the gear button, then Site Settings>Storage Metrics, you can see the storage info.