EdgeRouter X to VPN Service

  • Trying to setup my EdgeRouter X to connect to a VPN service and send all internet traffic through it.

    I've got a .ovpn file that has a


    -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----

    within the file. Along with the settings:-

    dev tun
    reneg-sec 0
    ping 5
    ping-exit 30
    comp-lzo adaptive
    ns-cert-type server
    route-metric 1
    remote <IP/DNS>
    proto udp

    How do I add this to the EdgeRouter ? and route the traffic 🙂

  • You did not specify the VPN style, but i recognize this as OpenVPN.

    You put the files in a subfolder in the /config directory so that they do not get lost through firmware updates.

    Then you make an OpenVPN connection from the command line.

    I'll have to be at my desk to get you sample of that.

  • @jaredbusch No rush but when you can post something up that will help 🙂

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