Fun with Debian 9

  • So I wanted to setup a UNMS controller now that the support is official in the non beta EdgeOS firmware.

    The options are Ubuntu or Debian per the vendor. I hate Ubuntu so I chose Debian. Sadly the vendor page says Debian 8 (9.1 is current) or Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (just WTF seriously...).

    So I did neither and installed Debian 9.1

    During the install I unchecked all options because a glance at a google result of what "standard" server packages was told me that I did not want that.

    Not doing that makes Debian an really tiny damned install because it includes almost nothing. Though I did notice nano was in there.

    So I had to install sudo, netcat, and curl as pre reqs.

    Which means I had to configure sudo from scratch too. That was unexpected, though simple.

    After that I was able to run the UNMS install script.

    More on that process in a later post.

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