Difference between video and channel YouTube keywords

  • I share my minds about differences between such types of keywords in short guide - kparser.com/youtube-channel-keywords
    But I found that it's really difficult to find cases where we can evaluate the importance of different channel keywords exactly. We can test it in some ways, but to provide a clear experiment is difficult. Have you any experience with such test?

  • Same conclusion. No idea how you would adequately test that.

  • @scottalanmiller So, only intuition and experience, right? I guess the the scale of channel has a big influence. When channel become famous, your channel keywords become to have a good weight for SEO.

  • The only way to find out is to focus the might and power of ML onto a single channel and...

    Sigh. Even a large community of IT folks are no match for millions of millennials being click-bated every minute by a screen cap with some exposed cleavage.

  • @bigbear Ahahah)) I understand you very well. But SEO works too. Using viral effect and laws of biology, ethology are necessary. But SEO are still important. Especially for beginners in youtube promotion, isn't it?

  • @ivan-palii I ponder what the hell is going on with youtube. For example, at least a week ago there were only 2 or 3 videos regarding Yealink T5 series phones. I cant imagine NO ONE else has uploaded a video with some tags to the new models, unboxing them etc.

    I was actually going to upload some video myself (since I am going to be distributing/reselling yealink and was curious to see how long I would take to get to the top results.

  • @bigbear You are right. The number of qualitive content goes down. But principles of evolution work everywhere. In a long distance fast and non qualitive content will be beated by users who can keep a long distance with a great quality.

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