Trouble With Mediawiki

  • Hi all,
    I am having issues setting up Mediawiki on a small little vm for testing purposes. I am testing because I would like to set this up at work for my department.

    I have it setup on another vm here at home but its using much older versions of everything. The install just didn't go as smooth this time so trying to figure out what I am missing or what has changed.

    I believe I am missing some package but do not know why as I started with a new install of Fedora 26. Some basic info in case I am overlooking something:

    I downloaded the new .iso of Fedora 26 and installed it on a vm.
    Installed httpd, started it, enabled it.
    I can see the apache start page by goign to base url.
    Installed mariadb-server started it and enabled it. Then did the secure installation. All went well.
    Created database, a new user, and granted all my privileges.
    Installed php along with php-common, php-gd, php-cli,php-mbstring,php-pear, php-zendopcache..
    I created and can get to my info.php so that seems to be working.
    I installed mediawiki and can get to the install page at my home url but I get an error which is :

    Could not find a suitable database driver! You need to install a database driver for PHP. The following database types are supported: MySQL (or compatible), PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite.

    Now in my installed packages list for php above you might notice I left out php-mysql which was in my documentation to install from last time. I keep notes about everything I do so I can repeat processes as needed with as little error as possible. Anyway, when i try to download php-mysql it says it isn't available.

    ***** dnf install php-mysql
    Last metadata expiration check: 1:58:55 ago on Sun 16 Jul 2017 04:01:50 PM CDT.
    No package php-mysql available.*****

    I don't know if this is related but I get the same about epel-release as well. Did these go away or something ?

    dnf install epel-release
    Last metadata expiration check: 2:06:43 ago on Sun 16 Jul 2017 04:01:50 PM CDT.
    No package epel-release available.

    So to summarize my Mediawiki error says I need a database driver for php that works with Mariadb. Sorry for the long post. Anyone see what I'm doing wrong here?

  • The drivers name is...


  • Thanks a lot! Trying that now

  • That worked great. Thanks Scott! Updating my documentation now

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