Comcast Using Customer Health Issues to Lock Them Into Service

  • Thanks to Ars Technica bringing the Comcast situation to light, at least one person who was being held hostage by Comcast to service they could not cancel due to health issues was able to get their account cancelled. But others without so much publicity remain trapped or have been trapped in the past with reports that Comcast refuses to take cancellation calls or won't provide a means for a disabled person to cancel their service. The policies that are being witnessed prey on the sick, disabled and possibly dead who may have no possible means of meeting Comcast's cancellation requires and who almost certainly can't just through the necessary hoops to jump through them even when not completely unconscious.

  • Comcast, Charter, AT&T, Verizon, and such all all shit companies when it comes to customer service. this is a fact.

    But while she was given bad information, she is a damned lawyer. She should know better than to think you can get a contract changed for another person without proof of power of attorney.

    I mean FFS, there is a reason she has a PoA for her father. That is so she can legally perform actions that hold legal weight. This is not a hard concept.

    The other example in that article was also someone that did not have the PoA documents.

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